Friday, June 18, 2010

I've lost hope for the NBA

I'm disgusted.  I am thoroughly disgusted.  I want to vomit at this very moment.  As a basketball fan congratulations to the Lakers.  Also as a basketball fan FUCK YOU NBA OFFICIALS!  Yes there were missed calls on both ends but when there is a 20 point foul shot discrepancy there is something wrong.  How can you not call the fouls by Pau, by Kobe, and then Ron who acts more than most soccer players?  The double technical when Ron swipes his forearm across Pierce's face?  FUCK YOURSELF NBA OFFICIALS!

Then you turn around and call this tic tac fouls on the Celtics, something like 16 foul shots by the time there was 4 minutes left.  The game was practically handed over, plus it didn't hurt that Ray was missing bucket after bucket.  Am I frustrated, yes, because the games shouldn't be decided with 20 extra foul shots, i'm also frustrated because our original starting 5 wasn't out there...but I can say that they never beat our starting 5!  BITCHES!  

I know that Bynum was a no factor, and if he had been healthy, along with Perk, the results could have been the same, or different, it's just annoying.  This chafing feeling won't go away for quite some time too.  It's probably going to be a rash by the time the NBA season starts at the end of October.  Either way, no team really wins in this situation where it goes's just a technicality.  Also, for the record, Kobe will never be Jordan, stop comparing him...Jordan will still nail him to the wall......but the Celts are still 9 out of 12 against LA in the Finals, and still own more suck on deez big ol' green nuts while you enjoy your tainted championship with the refs as your 6th man!!!!  FUCKING FAKERS!

Moral:  When human officiating is involved in games that have a great deal of money, corruption peeks it's ugly head...

Keep dancin'

Thursday, June 17, 2010

KP is out

I was listening to the audio from the staples center when Kendrick Perkins was speaking of his injury and how he will be unable to partake in the game 7 final against the lakers tonight.  Walking slowly onto the podium with his crutches, he is asked how he feels mentally and physically and responds with it hurts more mentally than it does physically.  He says that this is probably his last opportunity for him to get to the finals and when asked for a message for his team he said this isn't about him, he wants his teammates to stay focused, for no one to worry about him, but to stay focused and win the game (and at this point I'm hurting inside)...he goes on to say that it's the last game of the year and to make sure to play hard and leave it out there having no regrets at the end of the game....

I hate to see a player, any player (laker, celtic, etc), get hurt in any capacity, especially one with a great heart who plays hard!  I was getting upset when Jackson was playing Bynum, not because Bynum was a threat to the C's but because of his career.  Bynum, much like Perkins, works hard and plays hard but watching him play injured bothers me, and hearing players who want to play through injuries (young players) bothers me more.

I don't think they realize that for one ring and a championship, a player like Bynum, and Perk if he could, would risk a further injury to an already severe injury for a game.  Yes you want to help your team, but will you help your team or hurt it more by playing?  You will almost surely injure yourself more and in doing so be worth less come time for contract negotiations, which managers around the league i'm sure are fine thing is for damn sure though, tonight's game is going to add to the epic rivalry between the celtics and lakers!

Moral:  Sometimes you have to be selfish and take care of yourself first...

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Absolutely Atrocious.  I'm referring to game 6 of the 2010 NBA finals.  A game where the Celtics got their teeth kicked in by a bunch of ragamuffins lead by kind weasel Kobe and his band of misfits; yes kobe looks like a weasel.  Pau "rondo touched my left hand while I dunked it with my right - where's the foul" Gasol who looks like a fucking llama and Andrew "over the back" Bynum who caused for Perkins injury...

If you haven't noticed, I'm bitter.  I'm angry that the Celtics who played a terrific game 5, minding the turnovers, came here with swagger and let go of a game because they were up 3-2 in the series.  That bothers me.  I really had high hopes that the veteran Celts, tasting blood, were going to go in like sharks for the kill.  Not miss layups, open looks, elbow jumpers, and play without any ferocity.

To top it off Perkins future is uncertain now for game 7, so my enthusiasm for the upcoming game has lost some air.  I'm still confident in Doc's ability to coach given circumstances and I'm sure he will be ready, however, this series, along with the 2004 red sox, have taken a collective 42 months off of my life.  It's also fair to say that the David Stern, quoted for saying his ideal finals would be LAKERS VS LAKERS, got what he wanted (with the help of refs), so don't you lakers fans talk shit, you fuckin know game 1 and game 3 were handed over to the lakers.  If you call bullshit I will sit down with you and go over games 1 and 3 foul for foul - replay for suck deez nuts while you keep routing your weasel on!

Moral:  When "human error" is involved, any number of improbable outcomes becomes probable...

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 5

After the long drive to the city of brotherly love and subs so greasy I went to bed right after eating one.  I awoke to the sun shining in my face, cause the hotel didn't have dark blinds, which kinda erked me however I got over it, by pulling the comforter over my nice face!  I moved around and it hit me like a ton of brings.  I didn't have it on the drive down and I hadn't had it on Saturday yet either - COFFEE!!!!

Already with withdrawals two days into an accidental cleansing I made a decision right there to not have coffee for a good while.  This happened to me years ago when I was drinking DD's small black coffees and tried to ween off them.  I had the nastiest most splitting headaches for a good week.  Not as intense (probably because I switched to Starbucks) I find myself in a similar situation now, however the headaches aren't quite splitting my head in 3-5 pieces.

I'm not going to make promises like I did with the working out for 60 days straight (cause I blanked on that) but I am on day 5 with no coffee.  I am taking a step to remove caffeine out of my diet.  It has already been difficult with the headaches creeping at my regular coffee break time.  Not sure what I'm going to do now that I won't be having coffee, will I still go for the coffee run and not get it?  Like i said it's going to be a challenge, so maybe for now I'll go for the runs.  Until then, I'll deal with the pain....

Moral:  Caffeine is a helluva drug - and yes greasers and greasettes - it is in fact a drug

Keep dancin'

Monday, June 14, 2010

No matter what

You will hit traffic at the GW!  Going or coming, it doesn't matter.  Morning, evening, or the wee small hours of the night - it doesn't matter.  The fucking George mother fucking Washington bridge has traffic at all hours of the day!  For those of you who don't get the pleasure of sitting in a hot car bumper to bumper a little before, during, and a little after the bridge consider yourself lucky!

I've gone over that bridge a fair amount of times and every time it's the same thing.  I get to about a mile from the foot of the bridge and end up having to sit in probably a half hour to an hour of traffic just to get over the fucking thing.  You may say to yourself, take the tap, sarvosh?!  Well, the tap is out of the fucking way!  Well, it is and it isn't.  The amount of time I sit in traffic is the same amount of time I would have to drive around to get to the tap.

You could argue that I would gain gas miles by not sitting in traffic, and you would be right, but I made that argument so you have no say in the matter now do you :-P.  Well, I have found a greasier way around the monstrosity!  I take a couple different routes now that lead me to the foot of the bridge without ever seeing 95!  FUCK 95!

Moral:  Do your due diligence, sit in that traffic til you find a way around it...

Keep dancin'