Friday, June 11, 2010

DJ Eddy K - World Dance Mix

One of my favorite DJs - DJ Eddy K had posted this a while back and I thought it would be greasy of me to post it on this funktacular Friday!   It's fresh, upbeat, has a significant beat per minute count....and it's spun by one of Boston's best!  As I drive down to visit many of my good friends at the second wedding of wedding season for me I will be listening to this CD for a good few hours.

He starts with a world house track and then moves to a Brazilian tune, and then a progressive house track, then into French house and on and on and on.  The man brings the world to you in a hundred and twenty minutes of pure fun.  I can already see myself dancing in the seat of my car as I drive down the Merritt Parkway getting ready to get my dance on at the wedding...

In true Eddy K fashion he brings his talent to the stage once again with a sound that only the swagger of an experienced DJ can pitch to the masses.  If you haven't started playing the session while reading the rest of the post today you've done yourself an injustice and offended me.  Don't be obtuse, click the link and enjoy the sounds coming from the finely greased wheels of steel!

Moral:  What a wonderful world....

Keep dancin'

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Now that I have calmed down from that bullshit loss to the fakers and reviewed some of the game material, I can with complete confidence say that this series will go to 7 games.  The reason, payday for the NBA.  It is in the best interest of the NBA to push the series to 7 games as people will overpay scalpers for tickets just to be at a historical game.

Yes, the celtics have beat the shit out of the lakers 9 out of 11 times they have met in the finals, but the new breed green has only met purple and gold once technically, and won.  So if the fakers from LA do manage to win this series, the rubber series will be next year.  Until then, the NBA will continue to pay it's officials to miss calls for one team or the other until game 7, where I presume it is going to be an all out brawl (not in the literal sense) until the last second ticks off.

Don't get me wrong, I am still claiming the celts win in 6, but that's the part of me that has some hope the NBA hasn't turned into the WWE (previously known as the WWF) where the refs know the outcome before the wrestlers themselves.  We all know the blemish free past that the NBA has had with their officiating (scoff) but I still want to believe that games are officiated fairly.  I'm no sore loser, if I lose I lose, but I want to lose fair, not to technicalities, and definitely not to missed illegal screens and phantom pushes...


Moral:  You are what you root for, so don't be green, be greasy!

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Greasiness is special

I was going to take this moment this morning to write about the goose egg that Ray Allen parented last night but I refuse to talk about them at this current moment.  Instead, I decided to share some positive greasiness with you. The man who laughs, spokes, speaks, drinks and brings a very good bottle of wine over his friend's house for dinner.

The man is is Jose Mourinho!  Manager of Real Madrid, proprietor of greasiness.  He is passionate as he is slutty with his salt and pepper hair.  Having a resume as impressive as Phil Jackson's, Mourinho made a leap from small time to the prime time and hasn't looked back since.  From Barcelona to Chelsea to Real Madrid he is one of the most animated coaches...

He asks that his words are written and not what reporters chop up.  He welcomes punishment.  He dances with fire!  My good friend the Irishman provided me with the following video clip to get me going for the start of the world cup.  The man exudes grease, as does Mike T!  You can't deny the greasiness, embrace it as you embrace your child!

Moral:  Passion is grease!

Keep dancin'

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ahem, Ahem....

Now that I brushed that grime off my teeth the words off this page won't smell like a baseball player's foot after a double header in the middle of summer.  I just got done with  one of 3, maybe 4 final meetings from SW.  Not a week has passed but the freedom from the meetings has made it feel like it's been a month off.  Amazing how doing something daily to stopping cold turkey will give you the sense of liberation.

However, in the words of DJ Kool - Let me clear my throat!  The past few months working with one of the greasiest crews in SW, we managed to pull together a magnificent weekend.  With minor speed bumps along the way, what seemed to start off as a slightly rocky weekend due to hotel concerns my crew and I turned out a problem free weekend for 450 plus participants, and hopefully some procreation (later in life of course, greasy, yes), but for many this weekend is where someone found their husband or wife.

I'd like to thank everyone, especially for those who provided assertive suggestions for coming years, for their participation, for their help, and mainly for their enthusiasm to attend a weekend unlike others they have attended in the past.  It had the air of a more mature crowd but I had the sense that when the participants arrived, a waft or two of that impression we sought to provide was without a doubt absorbed with full gratitude.  Made all those long nights and hick-ups worthwhile.

Moral:  The party don't start til you walk in!

Keep dancin'

Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't call it a come back

Knocking the dust off the keyboard since March 26, I return to claim the throne of greasiness. I feel some sort of explanation is due for the unannounced sabbatical, as I've been asked from some old readers when I would post again. I wasn't planning on taking so much time off but alas, due to some commitments that are now off my plate I am back to write on a regular.

It wasn't an easy three months. Have had a lot of good things happen which took a great deal of work; late nights, Chinese food, and some Dos Equis helped keep my eye on the prize. Did a lot of thinking, some reading, and a not as much dancing as I would have liked but things have become a bit clearer for me now.

I've decided to take the challenge on of going back to school to take a couple classes. Applying for what is a fairly difficult program at a school not far from my home. It's going to be demanding but I feel that I am up for the challenge now that I have refined some of my life goals renewing a passion deep within me.

Moral: Sometimes doing something simple and repetitive provides one with the unintentional time to clear stale thoughts, synonymous with opening a window after your grandfather let's out his fermented masterpiece...

Keep dancin'