Friday, January 29, 2010

Listen to this

What does it make you think of? I'm sitting down having a drink at a bar. Maybe something like a Russian Standard Vodka (you heard it here first - best vodka voted by me for me for you). Body's feeling a little warm - maybe I get some rhythm flowing through it. Really listening to the song.

The feet start to tap. I adjust my body weight from my left foot to my right, and then back to my left. Step - Step - Step - Step...then repeat. Getting into a bit of a groove I take another sip from my drink and cheers with my friends.

I'm going to be doing what I do best, socializing, dancing, and laughing about the nonsense that goes on in our daily lives. I can't think of a better way to cap off the work with except have a to a drink or two with my good friends tonight and see where the night takes us...then go ahead and start a brand new day...

Moral:  Find what caps your work week off - then make a party of it...

Keep dancin'

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Feud

The age old game where families stand face to face and answer questions in order to get to the twenty thousand dollar round of spit fire questions.  The show is fantastic for those of you who haven't ever had the pleasure to watch it.  I used to watch it and play the online version myself.

The games always got interesting answers for the most random of questions like reasons a child would close their eyes.  So they survey a hundred people on reasons a child would close his eyes of a longer than normal period of time.  Let's step back a moment.  A HUNDRED people were surveyed.  There are 6 plus billion people in this world and the reasoning of a 100 people for some reason makes a good subset.  Alright, we'll move on from that...

So they survey a 100 people and the top 6 answers are on the board.  You've got two strikes and the lady for the last possible answer says that a child closes his eyes to sneeze.  The entire family is ecstatic about her answer and we hear the big fucking X horn sound and everyone is disappointed.   Well no shit love, men, women, dogs and cats shut their eyes when they sneeze too.  Ok, I'm not trying to make fun of the lady but it just gets me when the person answering the question gets shocked that they were wrong...

Moral:  Don't act too shocked - everyone's wrong at some point - just sucks when it's for 20k...

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 10

50 days to go, I'm starting to feel the tightness and stiffness in my body.  I promised and I won't give up, but hear me out - I've had a long day, an even longer week, and a hell of a month, but I did put in the time.  I did something close to three thousand jump ropes today (no, not in a row) and stretched some.

I took a bit of a break after I got through the first thousand and lied down on the throw rug in my basement and felt the cold concrete pierce my back.  It was comforting and before I knew it I'd taken a 15 minute power nap to feel re-energized, re-vitalized, and re-invigorated to complete my work out.

I didn't set out to do three thousand.  I did set out to do as many as I could in a certain amount of time (forty-five minutes) and I will continue to increase that and maintain the same time.  Before I know it I will be back to doing cycle training and in shape enough to pull myself sideways on street signs...

Moral:  Ah the feeling of being in shape's right around the corner...

Keep dancin'

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A nice break

From all this snow - and the rain ate away at some of that awful sand stained snow that was solid as a rock. Finally I am able to see the roads again and drive somewhat normally - however the pot holes are a plenty once again in some of these suburbs.

I don't understand how in the hell the pot holes come about - well I do - it's physics - the pavement gets weak and the plows don't do it any help - but man it's like a slalom trying to maneuver through these streets sometimes.

I'm just itching for the day that I can rock shorts - t-shirts and flip flops again to work. Enjoy the sun and a nice cup of coffee while sitting on the patio of my friendly starbucks - AHHHH Yes, I know, the lax work environment is definitely the best.

Moral: Don't break it if it's fixed.

Keep dancin'

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's going to happen

Black tie affairs and drinks and dinners and laughs with the best of friends and family.  It's the picture that's going to be a reality sooner than later for me.  At least, I'd like to think so.  My mother gave me some inspiration words the other day when I was a bit somber in my goings...

She said to me - if you had 10% of the confidence that I have in you, you'd already be where you want to be.  Definitely powerful.  Any mother has that power over her son anyhow.  These words resonated in my head the most though, for some reason.

I've got my support network - bigger than I think it is.  I've got the best family and friends anyone can every dream to have.  Thank you all who I know, who I've recently met, and those that I will meet along the way.  The ride's just starting - and I've just got on the dance floor once the ibiza sund*

Moral: Listen to the music - and just....

Keep dancin'