Friday, January 22, 2010

Ahhhh the good life

Full of fun...seems to be the ideal.  Ideally what constitutes a good life though.  Sitting in the cigar shop I kick around ideas with those older and younger than me.  The older gentlemen are of the school that it's good to be young, and I agree, it is.  But what else?

They argue that the good life, when you get older, would be good if you have money.  I guess this is true as well.  As you have lost your youth, but I'm of the Sinatra school of thought where if you're young at heart then you are young.  A scotch would be real good right about now.

And what do you know school of thought is more right than the other.  I'd like to think that whatever it is that makes you happy you'll know to go after with tenacity with the mindset that some day you will obtain it.  Like me and Selma Hayek - it's destiny...she just doesn't know it yet...

Moral:  Shoot for the may land on the moon but at least you shot for it...right?

Keep dancin'

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The difference - sunshine.  There was no difference between all the idiosyncratic things I did on Tuesday than I did on Wednesday and I am chalking it up to the sunshine.  My boy Lt. Dan even mentioned it as we went for coffee yesterday afternoon about how much more pep I had in my step. 

Well there is also another difference.  I did start working out again like I promised you all I would.  Did some jump roping - some wing chun practicing - some pushups and pullups.  It's only been a few days (started on Sunday night actually so I can say a handful now) and I'm going to make the effort to keep my promise on this blog.

I'm going to shoot for 60 days straight of working out.  That doesn't mean that I am going balls to the wall each and every day, but I will be switching it up.  If it snows again and I shovel that is a work out.  If I pick up a 6 back I will be curling it numerous times...or if I practice my free throws...anything is really a workout if I break a sweat somewhere

Moral:  Greasiness takes much effort - 60 days...

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The fight is over

Republicans took over the 60th vote which was very significant for reasons such as it was held by a Democrat, well no regular democrat, but my boy Ted Kennedy; also significant for the health care reform that the Democrats were pushing for approval in order to get universal health care.

I'm going to attempt to be unbiased, as engineers are, and also say that I am a registered Democrat.  Now with that said it would have been nice have the universal health care because insurance companies always screw us, hard!  They are so quick to take our money when we're forced to give it to them, and they are so precarious when they are to give it for what it's supposed to be used for.

The concept of insurance is just that - insurance.  For when there is a rainy day the pool of money that was raised from many many hard working hands can receive some financial relief.  Then why not fight for a system that will give more control to people who pay rather than corporations?  And unfortunately for those who were really relying on this universal health care, it may not be seen for some time.  Anyhow,  here's the unbiased part - I do also believe that there needs to be balance in the country - we can't have everything we want - and because of that you can't have one party controlling everything it'll eventually lead to chaos. 

Moral:  Everyone deserves to receive medicine - wouldn't you like to be treated for your health issues if you couldn't afford it.  Pay it forward people....

Keep dancin'

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who knows for sure...

I do.  I watch Jeopardy and answer mad questions.  Questions that I'm not sure how to answer but do come to an answer that's right.  And I answer them faster than anyone else presses the button.  I'm thinking of going after it.  Getting my ass on that show and showing the world the wealth of absolutely useless (except on jeopardy) knowledge that I have up in this dome of mine.

You know why I won't though right?  Because the moment I walk onto the screen one of one things will happen. Yeah, it's a certainty which is why I expressed it that way.  All of the categories will be in some obscure category I have no idea about.  Such categories include and are not limited to the paint brushes used by Bob Ross, any book or author, and how often the neighbors dog shits in your yard...

These along with other obscure categories would definitely cause for a brutal time if I were to stand on stage and try to answer them.  However subjects regarding grease and how it relates to the economic well being - easy.  Grease and it's health benefits - cake.  Grease and it's glorious applications for wrestling - done.

Moral:  Grease is inside us - it ain't going nowhere...

Keep dancin'

Monday, January 18, 2010

And on the count of 3

Everyone run back to your fantasy...I'm basically starting to move back into the mode where I fantasize about childish things and laugh like I did when I was a teenager.  My good friend Sammy came to visit from NY and brought his amazing girl with him just to party and bullshit.  We went around the city a bit, walked around on a warm saturday - finally since it's been so dismal lately...

Enjoying a burger from the spot known as Mr. Bartlett's est. in the 1960s we sat down for some amazing food, great conversation, and lots of laughs.  Nothing like reminiscing about the mischief that we caused and the random nights where we went from clubs to house parties to dominating tekken 2 performances on the old school playstation 2.

Having a few drinks in trendy bars and dancing the nights away with old friends was a nice break from the normal full time work I am used to.  And by full time I mean 7 days a week with breaks of food - restrooms - and the usual 6 hours of sleep that are constants.  Just as promised though, I began my workouts again.  This time I'm sticking with it...

Moral:  The secret is to will it...

Keep dancin'