Thursday, July 1, 2010

I feel like....

Dressed in my Armani tuxedo, bow tie knotted to perfection, I am sitting outside a church in the evening where a friend has just gotten married.  It's just past dusk and the church is letting out for the bride and groom to come out together as Mr. and Mrs for the very first time.  Surprisingly I see familiar faces that I didn't think were going to be attending the wedding...

"Hey, how's it going?  What are you doing here?"  - "I came here to find you of course." - "Find me; how come you're looking for me?" - "Cause I need you to meet someone. --  And there is he, come on."  I am whisked away by my buddy who is leading me behind a tall gentleman that has two massive body guards so all I can see is his head over the body guards shoulders that strike a remarkable resemblance to the Great Wall of China.  Kidding, they were massive though...

The head of the man they are guarding has white curly hair in some sort of up-do.  It's not so much long as it is thick, brittle, and brick like.  Similar to what Kid wore but this guy's was a little shorter and the sides were flaring as well.  We get to the top of the stairs finally and he's in the corner, yelling, laughing, screaming, crying, and then he turns around yelling..."I feel like I'm taking crazy pills"...and then I wake...

Moral:  Some people need them

Keep dancin'


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