Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

I went to sit down with my mother for dinner in the living room and was about to change the channel when she noticed and asked me not to since she was enthralled with current episode of the Bachelorette.  Now, I regularly don't watch such shows but this particular episode caught my eye.  A beautiful lady looking to get married, yes I know you know the premise and so do I, but I feel like being redundant...A beautiful lady and her six suitors are in lovely Istanbul, Turkey.  I was born in Istanbul, so hence, my interest in seeing the city since I hadn't been back there since the age of 11.

I sat there watching and seeing how this woman went on numerous dates with all these guys and couldn't help think to myself, huh, I doubt this is an ideal way to find the person of your dreams.  I mean it's not hard to fall in love when you are in Tahiti with someone, or walking around historic Turkey, or Portugal, or Italy.  So, true to sarvelosheous form, I decided to google the success rate of the bachelor/bachelorette marriages, and came up with the whopping number of 1 out of 17 that are still married.  The 1, by the way, is rumored to being on the outs...

Let's just break this down shall we.  One girl(guy) goes on dates with a group of 25 men(women) and in 8 weeks between so many destinations is able to find the one they are meant to be with.  Sign me the fuck up.  No definitely don't. So what gives?  What's the purpose of this show besides good looking people moving on, the fair looking people being ousted, and the final rose being handed out only to have it's petals wilt away like that in beauty and the's wonder it's hard to keep these marriages afloat when your entire relationship was based on 8 weeks of knowing each other, selecting the best looking one of the bunch and traveling the world together - who can sustain that.

Moral:  Vanity killed the one woman in Seven, yet, it's destroying the way we continue to perceive how things should be...

Stop wasting your time (with being vain) and just keep dancin' to Culture Beat's Mr. Vain


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