Friday, November 20, 2009

The greasiest little bottle!

I head on for lunch with the crew once the tutorials broke for lunch. Starving at this point I'm looking for anything to mow down on. Get in line, pick up a ham and cheese sandwich to throw back and a bottle of water. I was really craving some spice though so I a bit disappointed that there was nothing spicy there.

I continue waiting in line for my colleagues to see where they are going to sit. We were lookin to grab a seat outside by every body for some reason just ran outside like they'd never seen the sun before. Or, better yet, like they were from the northeast living under clouds and other overcast all the fuckin time.

WHATEVA...i told them all to say hi to their mothaz for me and peaced out looking for another seat to swipe. I thought to myself, need a little mayo for this ham and cheese wich i got here, so i mozied on over to the condiment table where to my complete and utter delight, found the greasiest little bottle ever known to man!

Moral: Spice it up with greasy hot sauce...

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


No, not today, To (pronounced Toe) Dai (pronounced die) was a sushi spot my buddy AC found on city search. He read all the reviews and boom we were off on another little dining adventure where we would feast on many different kinds of seafood and poultry and all the other goodies the spot had to offer.

Being as hungry as we were since we hadn't eaten til noon, and it was now 7 in the pm, so it was only natural that we picked a buffet - and did we take advantage. A bottle of warm sake, 2 bottles of Sapporo and 10 plates of food later we claimed victory of the ToDai restaurant. Until we came to the conclusion we were defeated when we couldn't walk any longer due to the food coma we were in...

The sushi, plentiful, bowls of udon soup and Tabasco sauce, another couples plates of sushi for the both of us, some craw fish, clams, oysters, man talk about eating - the waitresses were astonished by the copious amounts we were putting down. In the greasiest of fashion cracking open the craw fish having the juices splatter over everything while dousing it in Tabasco...can't get any better...

Moral: 40 bucks can easily buy you a good time when you go to a buffet

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tax much?

Don't even get me started on how hard AC and I took it in the bacteria barrel when we went to rent the car. The trip is on the company, but seriously, this is probably part of the reason why companies are in such bad shape, as far as travel expenses and food accommodations are concerned.

We get off the total recall train and head on over to the rental station. We wait in line as there are 4 tellers at Avis and no one else in line, but every teller appears to be busy handling the invisible customer in front of them, so fuck it, no rush we wait. Finally Marilyn, we'll just call her Marilyn cause I forget her name, calls us over.

She literally bones us. No joke. This lady tries to up sell us on a hybrid car for 15 extra dollars a day, then says she will give us 14 dollars off, thanks hunny! So we don't take it, obviously. We continuously ask her for a compact and she continuously is obnoxious in ignoring our requests, when finally she says, you want a compact - here you go, it's 2 bucks cheaper than the regular sedan. Again, Thanks hunny! There is no reason why the compact is only 2 bucks cheaper. Then she hits us with the tax. Our rental total, mind you is 200 bucks. The garmin, another 60, so we're at 260....and now tax - drumroll again...brrrrrr - a whopping fucking 390 bucks....

Moral: If you want to get boned from taxes, visit the San Fran Airport where they also charge for breathing!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Total recall, already?

When I got into San Fran - let's backtrack a moment actually - no direct flights to San Jose so sarvosh looks for the closest airport that Virgin will fly to direct and here we are @ San Fran flying on the best airline that taxis the skies! So when I get into San Fran, I pick up my luggage and head over to the car rental area of the airport.

First off - San Fran international is fuckin huge! So I'm walking up escalators, walking down stairs, walking through halls, up a few levels in an elevator, down the secret passage way til I finally reached...drum roll....brrrrrrrrrr - Baggage claim! Hip Hip - Hooray! And guess what, unlike Amerishithole Airlines, my luggage was the first one out!

So i head on over to find where the rental car spot is with my buddy AC and apparently we need to get into a train to take us over to where the car rentals are. This train, no conductor. Yeah - some total fuckin recall shit and I shit you not. "breaks on - doors opening - watch your step - doors closing - breaks off - next stop ruggles" Seriously it was some freaky shit rolling around this coaster that's arraged in a loop around the airport to get to the car rental...

Moral: all that was missing was the giant x-ray machine and the lady with the exploding face

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Monday, November 16, 2009


So yesterday my nerves were acting up. I went to bed around 11pm on Saturday night in order to get a good night's sleep for my presentation on Sunday when all I seemed to be getting was woken up by what felt like a fist in the pit of my stomach. Yeah, not butterflies, a huge fucking fist! I couldn't help it, for some reason my nerves were getting the better of me...

So I woke up for good at 630 in the morning and began reviewing my material again for the hour long talk on what it is that I do, and I won't bore you with the details, but I went through it, and was getting hung up. So, sarvosh, in stride, pulled out a deck of cards and started flipping. An old technique I learned from my cousin blackie, who is somewhere overseas protecting us in true Marine fashion.

He told me - flip a couple cards, treat the values like blackjack and start doing push ups! So i did, and before i knew it I was calm as a cucumber and ready for the talk. Before I knew it the hour came and passed to applause by the crowd filling me with complete satisfaction as my preparation for this talk did not go in vain.

Moral: Eggs Benedict in the morning should also calm that fist down - greasy!

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