Friday, November 6, 2009

Read this article

Robot makes scientific discovery (mostly) on it's own. Yeah, you read right; a robot came up with a hypothesis and proved it to be true. It's amazing, as an engineer, I got into the field because I was always nosey and wanted to understand things deeply, as well as develop products that would allow me to be more and more lazy.

Now there won't even be a need for engineers if we can develop robots to think of ideas and prove them and develop them. Imagine, the jetsons, a reality people! Get a robot maid, yeah Toyota would develop that, learns from it's own mistakes. It's unbelievable. Maybe we are living in the matrix, or at least living like what's in Surrogates, and when we die we really just wake up?

Crazy idea but shit man, the difference between fantasy and reality is really just a matter of perception from the point of reference you've been accustomed to. Look at people who live online lives, like those who have counterstrike clan practices, or world of war craft character builds, or physical role playing games like that in role models, their fantasy is actually their reality...

Moral: What ever happened to going to the park with a ball and meeting some people...i know, sick fucks who kidnap...

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

High ankle sprains?

No problem! Well, problem, but still, not a huge problem. First, the back story. Playing volleyball in a coed league at the company i work at with some old and new friends, very fun. I'm not sure if I stepped on someones ankle or if I just landed in a bad angle but my ankle which is made of glass it seems at this point, rolled, and hard!

I've rolled this ankle so many times that I instantly throw ice on it but continue to try and rotate it. Yeah, stubborn, but I'm walkin with no limp or crutches a day into the injury. I find that it helps a great deal to continuously move and lightly massage bruised areas to get blood into, and effectively get toxins out of, the hurt area cause blood heals. I never understood the theory of icing it and having no blood go to the area...

So i kept rotating and rotating until it finally popped back into place and the next day took a couple good friends suggestions. I went to a health store and picked up a cream by the name of Arnicare. It's a holistic approach to remove pain from joints and muscle aches, and believe you me, i did well to keep my ear to the grind stone on this...and you would too..

Moral: Keep your ear to the grind stone greasers.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm sorry Mario

But Tetris is one of thee best video games of all time. BEST OF ALL TIME! Especially in head to head mode. My sister and I were very competitive little fockers. We'd get home from school and didn't have any elaborate games, but the simple ones we were in all out war against one another. Solitaire we had time trials. Tetris it was head to head. And don't even get me started on spider solitaire.

I think once we solved the solitaire puzzle in 47 seconds. One of the most unreal shuffles I had ever played. J-dubs would always whoop my ass in spider though. But tetris, the jury's still out to who was better. The game got so slow for us that after a while we'd start playing on level 9 before the first block was dropped. If we'd play it from level one it was worse than watching paint dry.

We could start on level ten, and we would sometimes to see how fast we'd lose, cause that was just tetris on speed. You didn't have a chance to rotate a piece and get it into the location you wanted before it was down. If you had more than 3 lines you were doomed to lose, but level 9 brought hours of enjoyment and painful losses, especially that one time I got drop kicked...

Moral: Tread carefully when facing off against a bleeder.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And they're off

The Celtics that is. Another year of powerful play will definitely be had by the Celts. This time though the stacked group will make it to the finals against LA and make sure to mop them up like they did a couple years back. Bet you're thinking to yourself, sarvosh, how are you discounting the cavs?

Cause they suck! No, that's a lie, but i'm really not worried about them. They added an aging heavy set shaq, who slows down their offense and clogs the lane for king James. Plus once you get under lebron's skin he goes on tilt - just read this and see how he got embarrassed by a college guy over the summer and made a bunch of phone calls to ensure the video wouldn't get out on the net...

The best part is that the Celtics could very well beat the record set out by the bulls in the 95/96 season where they went 72 and 10. It's a very good possibility that this will happen. I know sheed can blow up, but he's shown signs of restraint thus far this season and I don't think he's going to lose his cool many times along the way.

Moral: Just sit back and enjoy the greasiest team in the league win an 18th championship...

and Keep dancin'!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another day

Another entertaining few paragraphs from your pal sarvosh...the month of October has come and gone already. I can't begin to imagine that the year has flown by. It's actually funny when you look back at all the years you've lived and reminisce about the stupid things. Like playing gladiators, living in a one block radius of a lot of your good friends and family, and summer vacations...

I remember hangin out during recess - yeah, remember that guys, recess! - and play red rover, koosh football, and any other game one can play in the 30 minute allotted time in the concrete jungle. That's right people, recess took place in a concrete parking lot at the grade school i went to. I cracked my head once on the that hurt...

Acting in plays, playing video games, dancing, dressing up in costume, doing all sorts of random things. This all hit me when I was surfing one of my favorite sites and came across the following video of this adorable little character droppin it like it's hot! I need to get him to teach me some of those dance moves...

Moral: Time flies when your having fun...

Keep dancin'