Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Balooga...

Nasty little popper on the streets with his father (I believe) this kid's just straight up entertaining to watch for a few minutes. I bet not too far into the future he'll be picked up for some baby gap commercial that wants to be hip and cater to hipster families. I'm sure someone will see this and try to use him for sales and marketing purposes.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you want to view it, he'll be able to cash in from this talent, and hopefully use it to simplify his life going forward. IE maybe get into a performing arts school and really hone his skill. Unfortunate cause maybe he really won't want to do that for his career but the early success may dictate how he goes forward with his life.

One things certain, he'll definitely be viewed for the rest of his life as Baby Balooga whether he likes it or not. I'm hoping for his sake that his agents and family guide him instead of use him for his fifteen minutes of fame. You got to admit though, his fro and hat are definitely pimp!

Moral: Break it down baby - break it down!

Keep dancin'

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm a man

And I like to smell like a man! Seriously there have been some wonderful commercials, the dos equis score, the budwieser clips from back in the day, and now this. Old spice has outdone themselves. Taking a hint from Mad Men and running with it, they put out an advertisement that serves a man's needs.

Well, I guess not so much, but the commercial is actually very funny as it describes the needs of a man by making sure he smells like a man. I find it absolutely hysterical but then again, i find things that are obtuse rather entertaining and funny. Like when the actor rips his face off and says he's a's just brilliant marketing because you think it's the secret commercial...

Not only do I enjoy the commercial, but I also enjoy the product. It's actually one of the only deodorants (btw people i've heard aluminum containing anti-perspirants are bad for you, haven't done much research on the matter but I strictly use deodorant) that I've come to find works for long long enjoy the short...

Moral: You're a have a man's needs

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not much to say about this

My friend Nas the other day decided to show me a youtube clip, well many, but the one that I couldn't stop laughing about was about Sesame Street. Someone decided to bleep out every time the count says the word count and, well, it just sounds so perverse that I couldn't stop laughing. Now Sesame street doesn't even seem right to me...

Moral: I BLEEEEEPPPPP slowly, slowly, slowly getting faster

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What about Bob?

The comedic classic featuring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss that still makes my stomach hurt from laughing. Murray is amazing, as he is in every film he's been in, and this isn't up for debate. Dreyfuss is also as good playing a psychiatrist who's taken Murray on as his patient and becomes extremely frustrated as Murray moves into the role of the father figure with his family.

The zany stunts that Murray pulls, the facial expressions and the delivery of his performance are all amazing. His character's transformation in the film is brilliantly pulled off allowing you to really root for him. The man's just an acting genius. How he gets on the bus. How he sails, gets the son to dive.

How can you not enjoy a film where the actor commands control. He's one of the talents that really got me excited about film when I was young and continues to be as even his newer material brings depth to the screen, see Life Aquatic, Royal Tenenbaums, and Lost in Translation...

Moral: Baby steps

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Monday, October 26, 2009

The vaca has come and gone

And I actually did get a lot accomplished. Missed a few birthday parties but the late night starbucks was much needed. Read through a bunch of papers to help my presentation come along. There is nothing like a social environment's ambient noise and caffeine to get me in the mood to do work.

It's how I click. A quick hello, see someone you know, hey what's up etc etc, what are you up to, things going well, great great, well see you later - and you're back to the grind stone. It's a much more enjoyable study session than say, sitting in the library with facebook or gchat as you catch up with people through a client.

Once that was all said and done I practiced my presentation in front of my 13 year old cousin, big test for me, keeping a 13 year old's attention for an engineering topic is probably as much fun as them watching paint dry. I'd actually think the paint drying would be more fun. So now I've got my little cousin giggling like a devil burned into my retina since I was being too serious as I tried presenting to him...

Moral: Loosened me up actually - as I go up to present I'll just picture that

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