Friday, October 23, 2009

Make it happen

Or not. It's been an entire day and I keep reading and reading this 82 slide presentation over and I have definitely put a dent in where I was last year but I still don't feel confident. Last year my presentation was supposed to be an hour and 15 minutes long and I was done presenting the material in 45 minutes.

Yeah I know, I went fast, but I just threw all the material out there. I hadn't prepared for it like a presentation, I had prepared for it like it was an exam. And I ace exams people! ACE THEM! And fast. I hated sitting in tests so I would run through the material one time and hand it in. Confident when the teacher would ask me how I did, I'd tell him that I just gave him the answer sheet. And for the most part I would, barring a minor error here and there.

But talking to people for an hour without break is difficult. I'm more ready for it this year than I was last year because I've never sat in front of people talking to them for an hour without break. Well, I have now that I had given the presentation once last year, but you knew what I meant. So, I keep starting out into my living room like it is an auditorium presenting to the imaginary eyes that will be really looking at me come 3 weeks from now. I'll do better this time around.

Moral: Just gotta remember to breath.

Keep dancin'

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Days off!

I have today, tomorrow and Monday off from work. Well, partially. I know, I know, you're asking the question, Sarv, how do you have a day off, partially? And that's really easy. We've been forced by corporate to take days off and I would have been in Vegas any other day at this moment, had it not been for one thing.

The one thing that held me back from rolling red dice at the Wynn with my boy Deynek, well two things, didn't have the coin for it (which erks me) but secondly I have to prepare for an international conference that I will be giving a presentation at a few weeks from now on the west coast.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sarv you're jet-setting again; no. Well, yeah, cause I'll also hangout while in the west coast but I am a bit nervous. I gave this talk last year but the last time I gave it, was last year. So i will be staying in the next 3 vacation days I have and practicing my material and delivery...anyone want to hear an hour long talk on Analog Circuitry Failure Analysis?

Moral: Semiconductors failures are fun to analyze :)

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I feel...

Like eating the greasiest steak and cheese in the history of greasy steak and cheeses.

Like drinking so much coca-cola that I am sick to my stomach. But it has to be ice cold and from a glass bottle.

Like sitting down in front of a television and watching absolutely nothing in particular, just vegetating for hours and hours .

Like I will run with the bulls.

Like I will party at a Sensation mega party.

Like I will accomplish something today.

That I won't accomplish anything today.

Moral: Being a lazy shite!

Keep dancin'

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So there I was, in my first volleyball game with coworkers-friends-acquaintances and I was up to serve. This is the first time I have played organized volleyball outside of the Armenian community. This was also the first time that I was going to be meeting a majority of my team mates and playing with them, so I was excited and eager to get on the court.

I get out there and we were doing well. Well we were doing well relative for the amount of time we had been playing together. Putting up some points and getting things accomplished fairly well. It was the first pick up game of a long season (16 games I believe) and we all seemed to be ready to put some points on the board.

So I get out there to serve. Hands were a bit sweaty cause it was my first time serving and before I knew it I had the ball over the net for an ace. Gaining some confidence I decide to put some more heat on the ball. A bump and then a side out. Great. I put some more heat on it on the third serve, and it goes through the girls hands and hits her square in the face. HARD!

Meet the Parents - Volleyball Scene

Moral: Nice on focker!

Keep dancin'

Monday, October 19, 2009

The patriots

like my fantasy teams, ran up the score on their opponent this week. Blessed are those who wait to run up the score on another team who can't seem to defend themselves at the opportune moment. Not only did they run a clinic on the titans, they did so with snow flying all over the place...

Honestly people, it's october and the northeast has already started to get slammed with the shittiest of weathers. Supposedly this winter, as it were, will be one of the nastiest in years. No shit, it's fucking starting in mid october. Last year on halloween it was 75 degrees and I was running around in shorts and a t-shirt. This year my hands are already tucked under my ass cheeks as I drive.

But, back to the real story, Drew Brees is a monster who drops stupid points on any team he plays, and we will be playing in the near future. I was a bit worried until Tom Terrific decided to drop even stupider points while playing with armagedon starting. He laughs in the face of anyone who dare pose a threat.

Moral: Not only are the pats going to win this year, the celtics and sheed are going to dump on the lakers...also Yankees suck.

Keep dancin'