Friday, August 14, 2009

Sarg got into MIT

And I saved 300 dollars by switching my auto insurance. Sound like a commercial? I shit you not people. Sarg, my good friend, got into MIT as an EE candidate for his masters, and I saved 300 singles by calling up Liberty Mutual. I know, same day. Awesome stuff isn't it?

It is! Of course, who wouldn't want to save 300 bucks by switching their auto insurance. Now I just gotta keep up the safe driving habits that I have been practicing and I will be on my way to possibly more savings. Did I mention that Sarg got into MIT? Exciting stuff, and the best part about it is that I will feel like I am back in school, and taking MIT classes!

But Sarvosh, you ask, why do you feel like your back in class? Did you get in as well? No, I will reply. I already finished my master's in EE, however, was thinking of going back for a second (I love school, if you haven't observed). So, why then, you repeat? Because Sarg is my boy, and he asked for help on his coursework, which is exciting stuff, because I feel like if I help him pass, that means I passed, which means I could get an MIT MSEE degree as well by association...

Moral: Get the picture, kodak man?

Keep dancin'

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Root canals

For those of you who don't know me well, I'm an electrical engineer. I like chocolate, nutella, any sort of sugar, and coke 2 liters at a time (as a child) With that prelude, I don't understand teeth at all. I can have 31 teeth that are perfectly fine and 1 that needs a root canal. How in the good name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph does that happen?

Seriously, thinking about likelihood, and the notion of neighbors, in a space so vast as ummmmm, let's just say, you're mouth, how does one tooth get so fucked up? It's not like its a bomb that was dropped which causes a lot of damage, damages everything?! What goes in your mouth, typically touches all parts of your mouth. So how in the FUCK does one tooth get so bad?

I still don't know the answer to this, but not my last molar, but the molar before the last on the top shelf of the left side of my mouth has been going through a root canal. It's not painful, it's just a nuisance, so for those reading that are expecting to have one, it's not bad, trust me. But how come it wasn't my last tooth? or any other teeth? Really...someone, anyone...answer?

Moral: Brush

and Keep dancin'

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who has facebook?

Raise your hands? Come on I know you're out there. No one? No one has facebook? Come on now...finally, we're getting somewhere...remember what I thought was the most annoying part of facebook a couple posts ago? Yeah Twitter. You know what's even more annoying than that? Come on, let's start this discussion...

Someone who posts something very poignant directed toward a significant other or friend or what-have-you that is abrasive. I just love it how people decide to make it a public event. "I hate him/her and I want them out of my life." "(S)he is such a fuckin loser, I'm glad we're not seeing each other." Etc, etc, etc...

Who has a friend or two that posts garbage all the time like this? EVERYONE! Who's hidden their news feeds? EVERYONE of you! The best part is, they are probably still friends with whoever they are directing this towards and almost expect them not to read this junk! Mother fucker why not just tell them face to face, instead of posting that shit for everyone to read as well?

Moral: Rick Rude would at least give the other person that much respect

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer time

Living in the Northeast, summer is essential for development. Children need it because of the vitamin D, baseball games, and the pool/beach. Young adults and adults alike around here need it so that we can have our ultimate frizbee, softball and afternoon coffee break outside so that we don't lose our sanity being inside the office all day long.

The sun is really the gas station for our souls, in a nut shell. Without the sun, we can't go outside and throw a baseball around, work on our tans, or enjoy a relaxing walk as much. It's really disturbing going into and leaving work all the time staring up at gray clouds, and haze, and fog.

I need the sun to refuel. I feel anything is possible on a sunny day. All sorts of creativity can come just by going outside and enjoying the spectrum of colors that are available to you. It's all a matter of perception I guess, but I would rather perceive with some light shining down on the matter I am interesting in seeing.

Moral: There is a reason why a lot of people don't like the sun, and enjoy the night more; it's cause it's harder to see what people are when the lights turned low...

Keep dancin'

Monday, August 10, 2009

A crack button

The other day I had a great idea. Too bad I can't bank off of it. I may not even be the first to have thought of it, but within my group of family and friends I know for sure I was the first one. A crack button!

You heard right people. A button on your arm rest in your car that is labeled crack. Or Crack'em. Or whatever your little heart desires. Confused? I'll shed some more light. Hit this button and your windows (and sunroof) will crack just enough. A some inches on those hot days.

Instead of playing with your window buttons getting it down that some inches you want your windows open, you press this button and SHAZAM! Open just the right amount of space. I can't bank on this. I'm sure some car manufacturer will read this and go to their board of directors and incorporate it into their model cars. And if they do, I will have all my bloggers who read this to help me sue them that I came up with the idea :-D

Moral: Also available in pet lover models

Keep dancin'