Friday, August 7, 2009

Explosions and boobs

As we were discussing foreign politics, my good friend Spice sent me a link, Explosions and Boobs, which made complete sense. It is a highly efficient website that put things into perspective. Explosions. And. Boobs. Nothing else.

You click, and you see a new pair of photos. So you think to yourself, how does this have anything to do with foreign politics. It's all about explosions and boobs. Think about it, explosions happen becuase people don't see enough boobs and this site unites the two worlds.

I know, seems far fetched, but think about it. Look at everyone who gets into fights. Frustrated people who don't get to enjoy the fruits of life, and at one point or another started a fight because at the end of the night they didn't get with someone. Sad, but hopefully this site will help decrease the testosterone in people. Enjoy.

Moral: Don't go out with a loaded gun...

Keep dancin'

Thursday, August 6, 2009


The most fucking annoying part of facebook is it's own site. For the most part, people put up quotes, websites, and other random shit. I put up the link to my site (thank you for all clicking/reading/spreading) but what the fuck is the purpose of just a news feed?

You have that in facebook as is. Why dedicate another site just to that feature? Yes I know it is simple, I don't use it, I just keep seeing commercials about it and get annoyed thinking about it. I post one, sometimes 2 feeds a day (at most), keeping my annoyance to the general public of XXXX friends I have to a bare minimum, but what the fuck, I don't need to know about shaq getting his wisdom teeth pulled...

Or him congratulating Kobe and the lakers on their championship win. When did the congratulations and personal things in your life need to become so personal that you need to update everything you do. Yes I know, I put myself out there, but people have to go to my link to read my thoughts, on twitter shit just comes up all the time...

Moral: Go twit yourself

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please hold....

Please hold, while I pull up your information. What the fuck do I have to hold for? You asked me 34.2 questions in order to access my request to get a service request in order. What the fuck is wrong with this society? What purpose do you need to put me on hold for while you get my information. YOUR FUCKING COMPUTER THAT YOU ENTERED THE ANSWERS TO MY QUESTION IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Seriously though, first I schedule an appointment to which I am given a 5 hour window of the service agent coming will come. A FIVE FUCKING HOUR WINDOW!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! Who schedules a 5 hour window? Imagine your boss asks you something and you say, I'll get to it sometime in the next 5 hours, with a possibility of being late. Yeah, that gets your far in life.

Not only that. They give you a 5 hour window knowing all well and good that they are going to be at the end of the spectrum and not the beginning. My good friend Daynek and his lovely wife Meesh had a baby today. But I had to wait 5 fuckin hours before my car was serviced. FUCKING AWESOME, ASSHOLES!!!

Moral: These guys had it right...

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Draft 1: Complete

That's right. The project that has been in works since ohhhh...ummmm...Februaryish-timeframe is now complete. Draft 1 anyways. Thing is everyone starts somewhere right? Where do we go from here? Draft 2, 3, ... , 32? Who knows but we're on our way one way or another...

And we have a few others, well 8 to be exact, in the works as well. A second one is almost to fruition and a third could be beginning while the first two are in edit phase. And then a 4th and a 5th. We owe it to ourselves to see this through; well ourselves and those who inspired us to pursue this passion.

I went to see Potter Thursday evening with 2 excellent friends of mine and looked over at both of them giddy, thinking to myself, and then aloud, Dwardo, Thompson, guys, we could one day see our names on those credits. They both joyfully agreed, and then corrected me. Sarvosh - we will see ourselves on those credits someday.

Moral: To be exceptional, one must first be greasy.

Keep dancin'

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cleaned and ready

The smoke shop has been cleaned and revamped. I would have loved to have taken part in the process that I have done a number of times but unfortunately I can't say I had too much of a hand in that. See, the problem was, I slept for 15 hours that night and didn't get my tush up until 1:30pm in the afternoon. I didn't get into work until 2pm as a result and most of the work had already been done.

Luckily there was a quick side project of updating the air exhaust system in order to push smoke out at a faster rate, making the man cave a much healthier place, without stating the obvious. F.S. and I made quick work of the old duct system by installing a 110 CFM over sized bathroom vent to help push more of the smoke into the exhaust system, and guess what, it worked wonders.

5 cigars and a hookah later, there was no longer a haze sitting in front of us, but the beautiful diner and the dunkin donuts to boot. We could finally see. I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved the haze. It added a sort of jeunesequa (spelling) to the place, lots of nostalgia when you smelled the cigars, but it's nice to see outside again.

Moral: Sometimes the clarity is hazy...

Keep dancin'