Friday, July 31, 2009

Fantasy Football 2009/2010

I'm not ready for it. I didn't play last year and I am not sure if I want to this year. My boy G.Sark got fired up and sent me an email to play but I am not sure. G if you are reading this I still haven't made up my mind yet. I haven't followed football for a couple years. Not sure who is in shape, who isn't, who can run the 40 in what time, etc etc etc...

But I am getting fired up to play. FF was my favorite fantasy game to play out of all the sports available. It is a once a week thing that gets everyone talking trash. I would walk around the office and talk shop about who to pick up and who to drop and who to keep a look out for.

But it literally is a full time job. For months I am incapable of getting anything done in a timely fashion because I am scouring the waiver wires and news feeds for anything updated about peoples injuries and when they are getting back and who is starting over who, and who plays better against which team, home or away, jersey color, wind factor, grass or overwhelmed already...

Moral: But I am a champion, well at least a serious trash i might have to get fired up and play...

Keep dancin'

Thursday, July 30, 2009

And with the first pick up of the off season...

The celtics pick up Rasheed "Sheed" Wallace! I know, old news, but I wanted to bring it back a moment. First off I haven't written for a month. Secondly, he deserves mentioning at least twice or three times by me over the season. Thirdly, he's greasy. One of the greasiest players in the league now. Continuously taking players off their game with his trash talk and game to back it up, WELCOME WELCOME!!! SHEEEED

So let's break it down. The celtics should have won last year, but the magic played out of their minds. Which is bullshit and we had injuries and the lakers suck. We had many, many injuries, don't forget you momos who, around the clock, hate on Boston. With Garnett and Powe out, and all the other injuries the team had, the team would have easily cruised to the title had we had a healthy squad.

I forgot to mention, Marquis Daniels to back up Ray Ray and Paul Pretty. Let me just say this for the sake of saying it. A healthy celtics squad is going to win the title. Matter of fact, our second 5 could a be a starting line up for many of the cities in the league. So pick up your skirts and get ready to take it by the Green!

Moral: The luck of the Irish ran out in the 80s, this squad just brings the grease night in and night out...

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I traded the van for it

Straight up, and I got fifty bucks for the gas money...just when you thought, you couldn't get any dumber, you go ahead and do something like this...AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF! My boy spice get's super fired up and leaves the beach house. Some put put sounding thing wailing outside starts beeping like one of those bikes with the little ringer on the handle...

I step outside to see him mad fired up sitting up on a scooter. He had a grin on his face from one side to the other. Ear to ear if you will. You could see the excitement in his face. Like christmas day when you first awake, the eagerness in your heart to run down the steps and start ripping apart the paper covered gifts. He opened his and couldn't be happier to share!

So he told me to take it for a ride. I've never rode more than a bicycle. I was hesitant, and eager, but anxious more so; kind of nervous, a tad bit ready, and a little confused as how I was going to pull this off. Well I got on and ripped apart the streets in key west. Drove by an adult entertainment enterprise a couple of times to have the girls wave at me. I'd like to think, they were probably laughing cause I was so eager to ride the scooter...

Moral: You've heard the saying about scooters and how fun they are to ride, and if you haven't look it up

Keep dancin'

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

American Airlines

FUCK! Them. Long and short of it. Well you have time, so here's the long of it. My friends and I are on our way to Key West. We're all eager to get the bachelor party going so we get in our cars and get to the airport. Domestic flight so we are there a little over an hour early. The lines out the door and around the corner to check in. Regardless we have time right? Right.

We wait in line for a little while. Some lady walks around asking people where they are going to move them ahead in line and so we tell her key west through miami international. She brushes us off. We have a half hour now to make our flight and get to the front of the line. We try to check in and they say they can't take us on. Not only that the little bugger is so rude that he keeps turning his back when he should have been providing us some customer fucking service!

We had to wait 3 hours at logan, taking shots at the bar trying to move the party along, when we finally catch a small break, AA gives us free back check. We get into Miami and they almost don't let us on cause they didn't confirm our flight. We get to Key West only to find our bags are still in Miami. We don't get our bags til 10pm that night! And they say, they're sorry. Fuckin sorry my foot! We were supposed to be in KW with our bags at 2pm but we didn't get the night going to 10pm. Can't go out to eat cause we smell. Can't shower cause we have nothing clean to change into. Can't get things going til 11pm that night. Lucky for us we aren't we get our clothes, get our showers on and get the party rolling...

Moral: Shots in the morning cost as much as shots at night...

Keep dancin'

Monday, July 27, 2009


From a long hiatus I have returned from the abyss of travel and work and pleasure and such, back to the grind. There is so much to tell you and such little space to do it in so I will write another one and another one and many others in the following days to come. Life has happened and it is greasy in so many ways.

I attended a great friend's wedding yesterday, Triggles, who married a lovely lady by the name of Bina. The wedding, picture perfect. The crowd, more like a hoard, energized. The environment was overall eclectic and joyous. The friends and family that were there to enjoy the moment of truth were overtaken by love that was present.

I purchased a wedding card that wrote so many beautiful things that I couldn't compete with it and I just signed it Love, Sarv. I will now take a moment to add to that card. I won't be cliche and wish you happily every after. My hopes are simple. May you two live in harmony with one another the rest of your lives. May you have health and happiness each and every day you are with one another. And may you live to see your childrens, childrens, children. Thank you for allowing me to share in hopefully one of the many many magnificent days you two will share with one another.

Moral: It's always greasy in paradise :)

Keep dancin'