Friday, May 15, 2009

It's easy...

All you have to do is move your index finger one inch up, or one inch down. There is not much you have to do. Really. Just one inch up, or one inch down. And guess what, it goes back into place all by it's lonesome. I'm not asking for a left hand signal here like people back in the 50s and 60s had to, when their cars didn't have signals.

You're moving from the left lane to the right, use a signal. From the right to the left, use a signal. I mean I was cut off about 7 or 8 times just going into work and then another 4 times on the way home. I'm a pretty patient person but What THE FUCK! Why can't you give a signal? Why can't you give a timely signal? Why can't you just sit in your lane for 30 seconds. You speed up to a RED FUCKING LIGHT!!!!

Not only that, the fucks decided that after they cut you off, and the lane isn't going anywhere, they immediately turn right back into their lane. Let me break it down for you. WHAT IS THE FUCKING RUSH!!! If you needed to be at a meeting or work earlier, you should have went to bed earlier and woke up earlier, instead of speeding down going in and out of lanes causing people to brake sooner than they should and ultimately slowing traffic down even more!

Moral: No wonder this country is fat...they don't even move a finger one inch to signal!

Keep Dancin'

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What really matters?

A late night stop at dunkin donuts with an old friend, I ask batchee what he wants to drink; he finally suggests that he'll have what I have. Brisk Iced Tea black with a lemon. Fantastic flavor if you are an iced drink lover working to cut down the sugar intake, the caffeine intake, and the carb intake (for all you medium regular lovers out there). So we take our teas and head out to discuss a few things, catch up, shit of that nature when we get fired up to light up a nice cigar.

Head on down to the shop and pick up a couple Sosa Robustos to enjoy. It's been my latest addiction. Started with the Hemingway short stories from Fuente, then the 22 from Uvezian, and the Autumn from Patel. There have been far and many in between to say the least. And quite honestly this latest is no different. My palette has accepted the abundant flavors of leather and earthy tones, the hint of cocoa is really nice too. Topped off with a few sips of scotch, Glen 12 neat of course, the finish is astounding.

With each puff you learn something about the last. The flavors linger as the smoke slowly settles on the tongue. The taste buds get accustomed to absorbing and differentiating between the flavors that make up the complexities of the cigar. The smoke is slowly forced out and you eagerly await the next drag. Don't smoke too fast or you may begin to burn the tobacco. Can't have that now can we...

Moral: A cigar ought not to be smoked solely with the mouth, but with the hand, the eyes, and with the spirit. - Zino Davidoff

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not even for a moment

I was ready to sign the Celtics off. I got out of a productive day of work all around and head over to my boy Yanitz's place to watch the Celts game with him. Slowly the boys start rolling in. Baklava is sitting around smoking a nice Sosa robusto. Everything is in place to cap the day off productively. The bruins are up 3 to 1 (eventually winning and bringing it back to Boston for a much anticipated game 7) and the Celts are trying to string two wins in a row...

Two wins in a row? How do you expect that when you are scoring 37 points in the first half? 37? THIRTY FUCKIN SEVVEEEENNNNN!! DUUUUDE?! WHAT THE FUCK!? I'm ready to call it. Orlando doesn't even drive the ball to the hoop. Howard is being almost a non-factor in the game, and you're losing to these guys? I'm about ready to shut it down for the night. Then Yanitz reminds me; we're talking about the Bawston Celtics here (prodounced HEAAAHHHH)!!!!

The team rallies back from a 12 point deficit in order to take the series lead 3 to 2 going back to Orlando. So what do I do? I get fired up, come home and go through a deck of cards! For those of you not familiar, flip cards over and consider their values like you would that of blackjack. I flip anywhere between 3 and 7 sometimes. Then do that value in either pushups, pullups, situps, squats, etc, etc, etc...and now I feast...

Moral: Never lose the faith! BOHHHSTON JELTEEKKS...

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Manny is my boy

Steroids? Yeah, him and his wife are trying to conceive! No, really though; they are! In all honesty, probably not, but I enjoy saying that because I love Manny! Yes I know you "Real" Sox fans hate him but honestly without him would we have won two! NO! Without Manny, Papi isn't Papi. I mean, Manny makes everyone playing the field sick to their stomach when he steps up to bat! He brings it every time, even when he isn't swinging, why? Because Manny is being Manny!

So what if Manny took flash people, a huge chunk of the MLB is on it! Why? Because Selig needed to make the corporation, formerly known as Major League Baseball, make profit just like any other corporation. What brings money in? Super-humans hitting balls out of the park. I enjoy watching every minute of it because you don't know what is going to happen when Bonds or Sosa or Mac or Manny stepped up to the plate!

Of course, there is that whole play fair thing, well guess what the entire league takes them! Merloni dropped the ball on the sox after the game the night before...a doctor came to training camp to show how to properly take steroids. So what? Oh yeah...the health issue. Young children thinking let me shoot up and make millions. Let me break it down for you. If I take steroids and pick up a bat I will in no way be guaranteed millions. That's like saying I'll buy a megamillions ticket and win all the money...not going to happen people...not only that, your berries shrink, your insides don't function as well and your heart becomes overstressed...YAAAAY...ya'll spend all that money you made trying to figure out how to live longer...look at my boy Arnold...

Moral: You now what, maybe it's not so bad??? :-P

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Monday, May 11, 2009

As I sit back....

Relax, steam a stogy, sip my china green tips tea, I think about all the theory and equations that once were explained to me and try to make sense of all of them. I was with an old friend this afternoon, cleaning out the old stomping grounds of where many bond battles, long nights with copious amounts of food, and ergileh took place. We reminisced a moment about how things were when the battle grounds used to be full of life, full of energy, and full of ideas.

The Lt. Major Dolphin sat on the couch as Mes and Bate discussed battle plans to siege. The TV covered in the blood of odd-job's enemies as he threw a shoe at anyone who opposed him. The network of minds thinking and laughing and smiling and learning...and then it was all over. M.bate moved out with N.bate to Alston and the territory which was once notorious for parties and theorizing was no more...until today...

Today, a tetris puzzle was solved, on a large scale, as M.Bate and I embarked to recreate the dungeon that once brought so many together. A table, a few chairs, a couch even; white board, network of computers, and many bright minds. It was a small step for man and if I can be so bold as to will it, it will hopefully it will lead to something of a giant leap for man kind.

Moral: If Neil did it..why can't I...

Keep Dancin'