Friday, May 8, 2009

It's friday...

Greaser and greasettes, it's every one's favorite day of the week, Friday! YAAAAYYY , FRIIIIDAAAAYYYY. YAAAAAAAY. Who doesn't enjoy waking up on a Friday morning (if you didn't toss a few too many back the night before of course) and heading into work, getting that cup of Joe, all the while knowing full well that there are some serious games to prepare to watch hours into the night! We've got the Celtics, the Sox, and yes sir, the Big Bad Bruins!

Playoff basketball and playoff hockey; what more can you ask for? Honestly I'm not going to jinx it but you all know what I am thinking about you know which teams, from you know which town, from you know which state, could win you know what, for the first time in the history of ever. DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD OR I'LL CUT YOUR TONGUE OUT! It's like beetle juice, shit, said it once.

I was driving to work thinking about how tonight's games are going to play out and this beetle juiced, shit, two, splatted all over my windshield. You know Michael Keaton is somewhere around here begging me to say it again. Oh, snap, fan mail. "Hi Mr. Sarvosh, would you mind explaining how that beetle juiced..." FUCKKKK....I better go find that witchdoctor...


Keep dancin'

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What would you pick?

I've been listening to Disc 1 of History by Michael Jackson religiously the past few days thanks to Sarg. A whirlwind of emotions has come over me for many reasons. Most notably, I have been taken back to my childhood running around in red shorts, a tank top, throwing stuffed animals at the windows in my house, breaking all sorts of things and of course, trying to moonwalk...You heard me suckaz, moonwalk. I still haven't been able to do it, which is why Michael got paid the big bucks.

Well the fact that I have been listening to the album has been my status for the past couple of days. Naturally, I was asked by my friend Derder if I could pick one song to listen to that album from dusk til dawn and back again. I was stumped. How can you pick one song from this album? Disc 1 of HISTORY PEOPLE! You have such classics like, Remember the time, and Beat it. There there is I just can't stop loving you, and shit, Rock with you!!! Billie Jean! Black or white!! The way you make me feel!!!! This album is phenomenal front to back, how do you choose? I mean honestly what is going to excite the ear buds so much that you want to listen to it all day...

And then it came to me like God pronouncing on the third day to "Let their be light." What better song to listen to that captures as many of the emotions as possible of the entire album. The song that gets you on the edge as it starts out a little dark, a little dreary, you don't quite know what it's going to give you, and then turns into a greasy ballad of spooks and wolves...and right before "you try to scream, but terror takes the sound right before you make it, you start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes, YOU"RE PARALYZED"

Moral: "You can always dream, and your dreams will come true, but you have to make them come true." - Michael Jackson

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Topless photo could cost Prejean pageant crown???

OHHHH NOOOOOOOOO....not that! There's the CNN link if you want to read it ( I can't believe that CNN, the world leader in news, has this posted in their latest news. WHO THE FUCK CARES???? In the same day CNN reported that there was a mass killing of a Turkish family who was having their wedding celebration. That is newsworthy. People were murdered unjustly and this was brought to light. Please just take a moment of silence amongst yourself for these lives lost.

Do you care about miss California? How about you back there, with the californication-T, do you care? No, didn't think so. And a good day to you sir, do you care? Not in the fucking least. So do you know why she may lose her crown? Her boob was hanging out somewhere uncovered. WHOOPDY FUCKING DO! You'll see more if you go to any club in the city but that shit doesn't pop up on CNN's LATEST NEWS BLURB! Or American Idol for that matter?

When did the US people become so consumed with a plastic barbie, covered in something skimpy, showing off her talents become so highly demanded that CNN decided to report it as latest 'NEWS'? I think Afghanistan is still going on, how about a little more information on that? Maybe some more insight on what's going on with Darfur as the latest news, no? Let's just write about Kobayashi and entertain people with how many hot dogs and buns he ate this time around...

Moral: Stick to the fuckin news if you're the world leader in it!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The D!

No I'm not talking talking about the lack of D that the Celtics showed in last nights game. It was a pitiful display until the 4th quarter when they finally decided to get excited and bring the game into reach. Ahhh drives me mad how they give up a bunny game at home to the magic. The magic were trying to lose the game but we couldn't D up or buy a bucket after a while...anyhow...that's neither there nor here...strike that, reverse it...

The D! Tenacious D that is. Jack black and Kyle came together for their first album, uncommonly titled as "Tenacious D." Yeah, very original. Actually the album is very original. Jack, in true form, provides entertainment for 51.2 minutes. It is impossible to begin the CD and decide to stop listening to it midway through.

From beginning to end the melodic tune of the CD is merry and zealous. I play it every now and again on my drive home and catch myself singing along in my raspy voice making a mockery of the great tone while driving with other motorists staring at me with a frank look of what the fuck is wrong with this crazy guy shaking his head yelling "this is the greatest and best song in the world"...

Moral: Ti Tuga digga tu Gi Friba fligugibu Uh Fligugigbu Uh Di Ei Friba Du Gi Fligu fligugigugi Flilibili Ah Fligu wene mamamana Sacrebleu!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

4 shapes...infinite possibilities

Whatever happened to the classics? Tetris specifically. I hadn't thought about that game until my friend DeeDee updated her status on facebook suggesting it as one of the best games ever. And, she's right. It is seriously one of the best games especially heads up.

While growing up, here I go dating myself again, my sister and I would challenge each other at these simple games (because we didn't have much time with school work). We played everything from minesweeper to solitaire. It got so aggressive at one point that we would play solitaire Vegas style and time the games. I think she got through a hand of solitaire in 47 seconds. I know, we were pretty aggressive.

However the best times were when we would finish our homework and talk serious smack to one another. "You ready to lose" she'd say. Yeah right sucka, you're going to get mopped up. For hours we would start on level 9 speed and keep the aggression late into the night playing on one screen breaking sweats. All while listening to the tetris track...good times...very good times...

Moral: I take no prisoners

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