Friday, May 1, 2009

Game 7? More like game 9...

The Celts and bulls have racked up a league leading 7 overtimes in the playoffs. They have played their hearts out and whoever wins this is due their props (Go Celts). Who would have thought the young, up and coming, bulls would be taking the reigning champions to the brink of elimination? No I, says the man with the blog.

In reality, the bulls are missing Luol Deng (awesome player), and of course we are missing the big ticket, but the ticket stub (Big Baby), Jesus, the Truth, Rondo and Perk have perked up and to bring some more excitement to the game. The only problem is that these pesky bulls have alligator blood! I don't care what anyone says, this past game 6 is already going to be on ESPN classics as of now!

How do you go for a triple overtime, after playing in an overtime game in Boston a couple days ago, after playing in a double overtime in Chicago but 5 days ago. These are conditioned athletes who can run for days, I know, but at some point critical errors were being made due to sheer mental exhaustion. I mean they have had 7 overtimes. That's damn near 2 full extra games. Lebron and his cavs have played 4 while we're on our way to 9!!!!

Moral: I lied, I do care who wins...the Celts are going to blow them out in game 9!

Keep dancin' cause I know the Celtics cheerleaders will be :-D

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can I get your number?

Ladies, how often do you go to a bar just to have a drink with your girlfriends and get hit on. Or even better, how often do you just go to the club to just dance? Yes, like Dane says, you just want to go to dance, just express yourselves through the art of dance! You just want to go and get your swing on, let go of some stress and enjoy yourself...and someone comes up to you asking you for your number...

What about when you are just shopping? You just want to go, walk around, look for nothing in particular, and spend all sorts of money to look good. Well, who could blame you? And don't you just love it when you are enjoying all those sales? Of course you do, you make the economy turn..and while you're turning the economy, someone comes up to you and starts to ask for your number...

Or what about when you are just trying to enjoy a nice lunch? Of course with all that dancing you're in shape and look terrific, with the new clothes you're feeling attractive, and of course you're eating healthy so you feel like treating yourself to some grease. You head over, get your food, and go sit by yourself to eat....and some guy comes over, sits on down and asks...CAN I GET YOOOO NUMMMBBAAAAA

Moral: Give the man yo numbbbbaaaa!

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Young at heart...

Night and day. Days' you can't seem to get everything you want to get done. Nights' when you can't clear your head and focus on the tasks you were planning on. The stresses and reflections of days past and days to come sets in. You sit, watching the skyline, giving your eyes the much needed break from that computer screen. The clouds dance with ease through the day and on through the night.

What does it all mean? Often do I sit, pondering meanings of what it is that I have done; that day, month, I feel like am running in a hamster wheel. Maybe it's cause I watched that Hyundai Soul commercial but doesn't it seem that days are just a little less sweet than they used to be? ??

I've been working toward understanding what was lost in transition from school to professionalism. Again, my teacher, my Uncle now, influenced my life. He was over for tea; we spoke of life and learning and how things were and how they've changed, better/worse etc, when it dawned on me. We experience joy and sorrow and victory and defeat in life; it teaches us that we need to learn, adapt, and advance ourselves creating a stronger more able bodied do we do that....

Moral: Song says it all...

Keep dancin'

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Game 4 of a rivalry that dates back to Bird and Jordan. If you thought you were going to be in for some R&R this round of the playoffs, well you were right. Rondo & Rose have provided for more energy, action and magic that my heart is starting to teeter again like last years round 1 against the Hawks from Atlanta...

I felt that game one was lost on stupid turnovers, game two the Celts were still not on their game, but then after game three's carnage the stage was set for a quick two more and onto round 2 of the playoffs. Well was I wrong. The Celts continued to miss easy buckets and turn the ball over...

The smart, strategic move would have been to D up harder and take down the opponent. No matter how big or small or fast or strong, when you get on the court and hold that basketball you bring the fire. Man, Woman, and Child alike you lace up, you prepare to play ball according to the lines by which we are meant to color in and you win...

Moral: TAKE THE ROOKIES DOWN CELTS!!! TAKE THEM DOWN! (My heart can't handle long series any longer)

Keep Dancin'

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's been about 15 or so

What a terrific weekend. I decided against going out because I knew everyone and their mother would be; cluttered, raucous, overzealous. I'm getting wiser in my age picking and choosing what I feel only the most worthwhile things to do with my time. You're probably thinking to yourself, well what did you do? I stayed in and watched the pianist with my mother and sister Friday night.

For those of you who haven't seen it, on the cover of the dvd it mentions that you will want to watch it right after the viewing, and it doesn't lie! Two and a half hours later, I wanted to watch this film again. Adrian Brody is amazing and in a time when people are running around worrying about life, take a few hours to watch this and see how difficult and dreadful some people had it.

So it was an early night, packed it in, woke up early, ate some nice breakfast, just beautiful out and I decided to wash and wax my sister's car, my cousin's car and my car in sunny 85F heat. I was rewarded later on that day with the visit of my Armenian school Armenian language and literature teacher, B. Sark! The emotions that overtook me were indescribable. It had been about 15 years since I last acted in a play he directed back in elementary school. It took him but a moment to recognize and call my name when he saw my classmates and I Saturday evening. He was not only a wonderful teacher but continues to mentor me with his humbleness and character...and to paraphrase his words, he was once my teacher and is now my uncle whenever I need him...

Moral: I have been fortunate enough to have been born into the spider web known as the Armenian community

Keep dancin'