Friday, March 13, 2009

A remake? Are you flippin' kiddin me guy?!?!

Let me set the stage for you. Nineteen Eighty-four, Daniel LaRusso and his mother move from Jersey to Cali. Daniel's father passed away and they are trying to start off on a new foot, change their luck and more forward with their lives.

Daniel's the new kid in all know that feeling at some point or another in your life, and he gets picked on incessantly. So much so that he needs to learn how to defend himself against these punks. So what does he do, go to the nearest Karate school only to see the kids who beat him up STUDY THERE!

Resilient in his efforts to protect himself, Daniel learns that the condo handy man studied martial arts. Although it was claimed as Miyagi-do in the film I venture a guess; a form of Okinawan Karate . Regardless, Miyagi teaches him, and you fall in love with Daniel's goofiness, Miyagi's warm heart and fatherly ways and you resent the Cobra Kai (but in reality part of you wanted to be like them)....So now Hollywood has done it...they are trying to sweep the leg....They are trying to REMAKE THE KARATE KID!?!??! with JADEN SMITH (Will's Son) as a Daniel LaRusso-esque character and Jackie Chan as the Miyagi type character (

Moral: Don't try to recreate the masterpiece...You're never going to get anywhere near the magic that is Miyagi...

Keep dancin'

PS May God rest his soul.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funky, Funky...hooooow?

Groovy, Groovy, Jazzy funky pounce bounce dance as we dip in the melodic tunes of the 90s. The classic hit by US3 (pronounced Us three) is a classic hit of a time when jazz rap was founded. The lyrics are silky smooth over jazzy beats from the streets of London.

Bostonians, remember the zoo? That was Jamn945 before Jamn was jammin'...when it used to play good music? Not to say today's hip hop and rap is bad, it's just different. Whatever happened to the quality stuff. Yes I know Biggie and Pac are deceased but their sh*t still resonates in my head. What about Rakim? What about Mos Def? Common? These artists actually rap instead of rely on hooks to beats to sells their albums.

Don't get me wrong, I loves me some Kanye West (although his performance on Idol last night was a little less than stellar) but he seems to be the only hip/hop artist, well alongside Timbo but he just produces now anyhow, to be putting out solid Gold. You know. Solid Gold, one leg at a time Bruce's a present for to lighten everyone's Thursday...enjoy

Moral: Feel the vibe from here to Asia....Dip trip. Flip Fantasia.

Keep dancin'

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tough, Rigorous
Exciting, Outstanding, Amazing
Teacher, Lover, Sympathy, Compassion
Creating, Caring, Cleaning
Durable, Comfortable
By Sarvosh

Moral: In tough economic times it is no doubt that family shines as the most important rock you have. Daad Abdul Rahamn knows that, which is why he has 86 kids and running......

Keep dancin'

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A prank not to be taken lightly...

Ah yes. Pranks. They are great until someone gets hurt. I've played many pranks, torn the heads off my sister's barbies back in the day, prank called friends parents telling them their kid was in trouble cause of school grades, messed with my mom by telling her things that weren't true...i mean funny stuff, nothing to have a coronary over but you get the idea...

This one time I remember I was at home, 4Th grade at the time, so what like 9 maybe 10, it was late winter around the Superbowl so I was probably 10 at the time. Anyhow, jam scams were the best thing since Uncle Ben made minute rice and I was running around being a 10 year old. I had been toying with the idea that I would make millions someday because Ed McMahon was going to call my house and make us the winner...

Anyhow I had told a few friends I had entered the sweepstakes for my family and I had this feeling that I was going to win. Phone rings, it's sometime in the afternoon, I run to it and answer. Hello. Hello is this Sarvosh? Yes, Mr. McMahon? Yes, You have been selected for the Publishers clearing house (mind you I am jumping up and down yelling at my sister We Won; when I hear laughing in the background...needless to say...i'd been pranked...but nothing like this guy...enjoy...

Moral: When the going get tough...the tough get greasy!

Keep dancin'

Monday, March 9, 2009

Paradise by the dashboard light

The weather finally warmed up. Something around the 60 degree mark. Boston hasn't seen that since sometime in November of 08. I am ready to go out with flip-flops shorts and a T, but my boy Dwardo told me jeans and a shirt will do...

We're headed over this karaoke place downtown...I looked it up, seemed pretty cool, I was in the mood to sing (even though I suck)...but I was ready to put myself out there, ready to be critiqued by the public. So I close up shop, go home and get a bite to eat with my mother, been trying to do that more often cause I enjoy her cooking a lot more these days. It's always been great, but I just grew a new taste for I eat, I shower and head over to pick up my boys for the night out...

We park, walk over to the spot meeting all sorts of interesting people on the streets. Everyone seems alive, man how weather changes the mood of an entire city, hah...We get in, private party, VIP table, people are dancing and then two people get on the mic. It is karaoke, right, and their choice of song, "Paradise by the dashboard light" by none other than meatloaf...these guys decided that they would sing a meatloaf classic 8+ minute long love ballad...I wish I could say they did it some justice, but it was one of thee most painful, thee most frustrating, and thee most annoying off key performances in the history of Karaoke

Moral: Don't get me wrong if you want to Karaoke be my guest...but if you know you suck don't let people suffer 8+ minutes...

Keep Dancin'