Friday, March 6, 2009

First thing I do....

First thing I do when I turn on the TV is check ESPN for any poker tournament. Texas Holdem, the Cadillac of Poker, I fell in love with the game. It's more than a game though. It is warefare on green felt. Every action, every movement, every bet by your opponent reveals some component of his or her hand...You in turn get paid for making the right decisions...

It's a wonderfully complex enigma this Texas Holdem. Infinitly dense in the possibilies of outcomes and ways to approach each hand. The position which you are in, what cards you're holding. Who is acting before you; who's behind you. The time completely passes by when you either watch and/or play...

So what do I expect to learn when I watch No Limit Holdem at 2am in the morning? I expect insane pots, with towers and towers of chips being pushed around. Sweat beading off brows when challenged...and then BAM...they break you off with a commercial...something gripping, something really tasty, something to the tune of...

Moral: In poker, and in marketing, there is a saying..."It's immoral to let a sucker keep his money." - Mike McDermott (Rounders)

Keep Dancin'

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We all need money...

Starbucks and backgammon with my boy Jizz tonight (he won, don't ask), we spoke of religion, education, the economy as a whole, etc...things are all over the place, nothing new right???

I believe I saw 3 churches that had started to renovate or had been completely renovated into condos; WHO IS GOING TO BUY THEM? I read that some schools want to get rid of the honor roll system cause other kids were feeling left out; STUDY HARDER INSTEAD OF THUMBING A JOYSTICK AFTER SCHOOL! And the economy, oh, you can't buy that new car? You can't buy that new sofa? You can't buy that new house? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE ONE YOU HAVE?

Seriously though, look at MTV, My Sweet Sixteen! I've seen girls spend daddy's 100K and flip there lid when they don't get an M3???? First off, you can't even drive...secondly, what did you do to deserve that? Please enlighten me! People wonder why this country has lost its bearings, my 0.02$ is because most people think they are entitled to bigger and better things when they haven't even earned what they have right now...

Moral: "Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. " - Albert Einstein

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a great idea

I had this epiphany while walking from my cubical to my car this evening. On my way to my car I called two women and bet them $4000 and change that I can have sex for 12 hours, STRAIGHT! Of course they didn't believe me so they took the bet immediately!

Being that I know many old people with E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction) issues I phoned a couple and asked them for the blue pill. Being curious as to why a young erect man in his late 20's needed them, I told them about the bet, and they began to laugh hysterically. Unfortunately 2 out of the 3 people told me that they had run out. I phoned the third quickly because this was going to take place tonight.... fucking answer! WTF, I am out in the dark here; my sinister plan to have a 12 hour session of sex and make money is going down the drain when.....incoming call..."What do you need?" asked Ebenezer..."The blue pill" I replied. He asked why, I obliged, he cackled and said he'll have them ready.........

NO THIS DID NOT HAPPEN, WITH ME AT LEAST...but it did for some poor sap who thought it was a dynamite idea to make that exact wager, pop a vile of blue, then DIE from heart failure after winning the bet (,23599,25113643-13762,00.html) least he went out on-top....

Moral: "Erectile Dysfunction is usually just a matter of lack of blood to the penis, so Viagra, expands them to help flow, though of course, on such a magnified level as you see, it call clearly kill an able, healthy young man..." - Doctor David....

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

His greasiness

With characters such as Pachanga from Carlito's Way, Maurice TT Rodriguez from Boogie Nights, and Raddimus from Waiting...Luis Guzmán, born Luis Ignacio Guzmán Zaldívar, has taken the stage by storm. Appearing in over a 100 films and shows, he graces each picture with his trademark - Grease!

In order to understand his grease you have to delayer this man. He is a almost mythical with his wolf-like facial features. Always bringing an air of comic relief, he enters films with his squat build, grimy facial hair and slimy facial expressions. One cannot help but appreciate the dimension he brings to any role he is cast for, be it a police officer, a thug or a cook.

His character approach is phenomenal. Take for example my recent favorite character of his, Raddimus. Not only does he attempt to show his genitals to everyone in the film, he does so with great pride and teaches his tricks along the way! If you haven't seen the movie I highly recommend it, if you haven't seen his movies check him out on IMDB and appreciate his work. This is a man who was once a social worker people! He takes grease and makes it greasier!

Moral: "Okay, well, that just about covers all the different variations that we have. But you know, we're always looking for new positions. So look next time you got a little down time, you find yourself a little bored, play with your nuts, you know what I'm saying? See what you come up with, okay? It's all good." - Raddimus

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Monday, March 2, 2009


Friday afternoon I had been approached by some friends at work to go out to lunch; since I hadn't been out in a while (doing the whole brown baggin' thing to save some) I thought it was time to enjoy the weather a bit. So I asked, "where we off to?" and they had been conspiring to get me out, they hit my heartstrings, Sato II...lunch box, they got me....THEYYYYY GOTTTTT MEEEE!!!

We get outside, 50+ degrees, felt like it was spring, just a beautiful day, fresh air, you know, the fabric of life...and I took it all in while I never know when the weather will change up here in the northeast....we get in the ride and head on over; what to get? Tough choice, I went the #2, I like the shashimi though, something about raw fish, with it's natural oil, mmm mmmm good...

We're talking about life, economy, religion (and by religion I mean sports) and what's good for the weekend...I drew it all out there for my friends, to which they thought I was over-extending myself. With all the cigar smoking and soprano's watching, they thought I should take it easy...which they are right, I'm a work-a-holic...the check comes, fortune cookies are passed, and we finish up the wonderful lunch with a great fortune..."That's not chicken..."

Moral: The cookie actually wrote "Do you find difficulty in every opportunity? Or do you find opportunity in every difficulty?"

Think about it, while I keep dancin'